Dr. Rob Tigner Leadership Fund

What is it? An endowment created in 2010 through the Beta Theta Pi Foundation to support Zeta-Xi’s undergraduates.

Why an endowment? There are two primary reasons for taking this long term approach. The first is to recognize Dr. Tigner. The great successes of our chapter would not be possible without his selfless and constant support. Through this endowment we can show our appreciation for him and recognize him forever. This is the first endowment ever created for a male non-Beta. The second reason is that our alumni are already donating to both the Zeta Xi Alumni Association and to the Beta Theta Pi Foundation. This endowment will give us a central fund for our alumni to contribute money. Additionally, our money will be professionally managed by the foundation and a report will be created each year recognizing those who have donated, where the money was spent, and detail the fund’s performance.

Where does the money go? 4% of the value of the endowment is distributed each year to send Zeta Xi undergraduates to Beta’s leadership opportunities. Traditional stock market performance indicates the fund will grow well above our initial investment – creating an even larger resource base for new opportunities that may present themselves to our alumni organization and undergraduate chapter in future years. Currently, our undergraduates are able to attend these programs through the generous support of alumni from other chapters.

Why leadership opportunities? Beta is on the cutting-edge of leadership training for undergraduates. Annual programs, such as The John and Nellie Wooden Institute for Men of Principle, help prepare undergraduates to become leaders not only in our chapter, but also in their chosen professions and other aspects of life. Dr. Tigner has long been a big supporter of Beta Leadership opportunities, encouraging many of our chapter’s leadership and membership to attend the various events each year. He also spends two weeks each year volunteering as a facilitator at Beta’s leadership programs. It’s only fitting that we honor him by enabling undergraduates to attend these worthy events. Beta’s programs expose participants to in-depth information about Beta’s principles and ritual and reinforce management and critical-thinking skills that are applicable well beyond the college campus. Currently, Zeta Xi undergraduates are able to attend these programs, many of which run for several days, because of the generosity of other chapters’ alumni; in fact, more than 20 Betas from our chapter participated in one of these programs last year. By supporting this endowment, Zeta Xi alumni will be stepping up to the plate to ensure that Truman State Betas continue to have access to these critical programs in the years to come. To read about Beta’s leadership opportunities, please visit http://www.betathetapi.org/home/events/

Is my donation tax-deductible? Yes, the Beta Theta Pi Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

What is the goal? $250,000

Why do we need $250,000? Based on today’s leadership development program arsenal, an endowment fund value of $250,000 would generate the $10,000 needed annually to provide 20 students with cutting edge leadership experiences. Currently, alumni from other chapters are paying for Truman Betas to attend. We need to pay our own way.

Is $250,000 achievable? Very. If 1/3 of our alumni each gave $2,000, we would raise more than $250,000 in addition to the fund’s current assets.

How much do we have now? Current Assets in the fund are approximately $40,000. Additionally, we have more than $20,000 in pledges to be paid in the next five years.

How do I contribute? You can send a check payable to the Beta Theta Pi Foundation, or you can donate online at www.gift.beta.org, and in the comments box at the bottom type “Dr. Robert Tigner Leadership Fund.” It’s important that you specify your gift is for the Dr. Robert Tigner Leadership Fund.

Further questions or suggestions? Please contact Marc Tower at 816.457.2518 or at marctower@hotmail.com

To Donate to the Dr. Rob Tigner Leadership Fund, Click the Following Link:

Dr. Tigner Leadership Fund Donation

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