In today's college environment Greek Life is consistently portrayed to be nothing but hazing, alcohol, and poor grades. Beta continually disproves the "frat" stereotype. Beta Theta Pi is a fraternity that continually pushes its members to be better both academically and personally. We boast a cumulative GPA above the all-mens average, we continually win the highest award a Beta chapter can win from our General Fraternity (second most out of every Beta chapter), and our brothers would do anything for eachother. The parents of Beta quickly become some of our strongest supporters becuase of all that Beta does for their son.

Still concerned about your son joining Beta? Read below to hear the first hand account of a proud Beta mom.

Diane Mueller, mother of Matt Mueller, shares how she feels about her son’s experience in Beta Theta Pi.

What concerns did you have when your son told you he was thinking of joining a fraternity?

I didn’t know much about Greek life when he first mentioned that he was thinking about joining a fraternity. I immediately thought of the “Animal House” stereotype, of drinking and hazing, and didn’t see a lot of value in that.

How have those concerns changed since that time?

I’ve gotten to know a lot about Beta in the two years since Matt first joined. I now see that he isn’t hanging out with a bunch of losers partying, drinking, and flunking out. From attending parent functions and meeting his fraternity brothers, I can see that Beta is truly an institution that has helped my son to grow, not hold him back. I look forward to Matt bringing his brothers home during the summer or on weekend visits.

In your opinion, what is the most impressive aspect of Beta Theta Pi?

The most impressive thing about Beta at Truman is their emphasis on academics. They hold themselves to a higher standard, and have proven year after year that they can succeed in their scholarly pursuits. Even more impressive though, is how they help each other out. It is not simply about ME getting the best grades, but rather it is about US doing the best that we can.

How has Beta added to your son’s college experience?

Beta has given my son a group of friends that are able to play a positive role in his life. Through meeting with the members of his chapter over the years, I have become increasingly confident that Beta lives up to the promises that it makes.

Why do you support Beta’s Men of Principle Initiative?

I support the Beta’s because they’ve proven to me to be a group worth supporting. As a parent, we strive to teach our children to be responsible, kind, and productive. When they leave for college, the shock of independence can make or break the virtues, which we worked for 18 years to instill. That’s how I felt when I dropped Matt off at school for the beginning of his freshman year. But when he joined Beta, I knew that he had found a group of men that will continue to teach him to be responsible, kind, and productive. It is for this reason that I am proud to support the mission of Beta Theta Pi.

What would you say to other parents who were in your shoes?

Don’t jump to any rash conclusions. If your son is thinking about joining a fraternity, it is understandable to be skeptical. Ask those questions that you need answers to: “what about hazing? Drinking? Academics?” If the group can’t give you a straight answer, that’s when it may be time for worry. But if you can find a group like the Betas at Truman, who promise they don’t haze, whose assistance will not hinder your son’s academic experiences, and who will make your son a better person, the best thing you can do is embrace it and become a part of the Beta family.

– Diane Mueller, mother of Matt Mueller, Truman State ‘14

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